Experiences with the use of biogas

This topic is chaired by Västra Götaland (Sweden)

An environmental alliance with the title ‘Creating a network on the exchange of experiences regarding the chain from the production to the use of biogas and its promotion’ was formed at the 2012 ENCORE Conference with the aim of – as the title indicates – cooperate on how to promote biogas as an alternative to fossil fuels on regional, national and European level.

The key question is: How can regions reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG)? By making fuel produced from renewable sources a competitive alternative to fossil fuels we can reduce our GHG emissions and contribute to reaching the environmental goals set by the European Commission.

The alliance have already carried out some activities: a study visit took place in Västra Götaland, Sweden in November 2013. The next study visit is planned to take place in November 27 and 28, 2014. Region Västra Götaland is leading the alliance and about ten regions from all over Europe are partners, or are interested in becoming partners. These regions have different levels of development in the field of biogas – but the aim is to learn from each other and share best and worst practices in order to promote the strengths of biogas as an alternative to fossil fuels.