Sustainable Tourism especially in / around protected areas

chaired by Jämtland (Sweden)

In the region of Jämtland Härjedalen tourism is for sure a primary industry and has been so for long. Tourism has a big impact on the society and a bigger importance for employment and growth than in most other regions in Sweden. Tourism in Jämtland Härjedalen is nature-based and the main reason to travel in winter is skiing, both alpine and cross-country, and in summer hiking, biking and fishing or just having a nice time in the mountains and forests. Artisanal food, local produce and traditions has a long history and has during the last years gained a greater importance as part of travel and today we have many fine-dining restaurants were you can revel in local gastronomy after a day out.

Events are an important part of tourism as well as for natives and we have been arranging events in the fields of culture, city festivals and especially sports for long. We are proud to be the host region for two World Championships in 2019, in alpine skiing in Åre and in biathlon in Östersund.

With tourism in Jämtland Härjedalen being as important as it is, it's obvious that we have to work in a sustainable way. As a means to address the issue, sustainability is a base value in our regional strategy for the tourism industry. Please read more at For several years we have been working with sustainability in different ways, together with destinations in the region and the public sector, for example as a demand connected to financing and arranging workshops and study trips to acquire knowledge from others. Working at a local level, in the region and at the destinations, in combination with cooperations at a national level we believe we are heading the right way, although there is still a lot left to do.

We are proud of our sustainability work but we are eager to learn more. Therefore we are looking forward to be the host of a conference on that subject in 2015 and we hope to get back to you with more information regarding that soon.