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Catalonia fosters to involve land owners and users in the conservation and proper use of natural, cultural and landscape resources and values by means of voluntary agreements between landowners and land stewardship organizations. These aim to maintain and recover the natural environment and landscape. Land stewardship organizations are public or private entities that take an active part in preserving land and its values through land stewardship mechanisms.

In February 2012, the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability and the Land Stewardship Network (XCT) signed the Work Plan 2011-2014 to promote land stewardship in Catalonia. The Plan seeks to boost land management to strengthen public-private partnership in the management of biodiversity and natural areas.

For the period 2013-2014, the government of Catalonia provided funds to 9 associations and 2 foundations for the development of land stewardship programs. With a total amount of € 600,000, grants have been given to Catalan organizations on a communication and technical assistance projects basis dealing with protecting and preserving river, agricultural, agro-forestry, marine and caves habitats. More than 90 agreements were reached through this funding program, covering 5,800 hectares of land, 2,300 marine km2 and 77 km of rivers . Similar grants had first been given for the period 2009-2011, and are foreseen for 2015-17.

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