River Systems

Besides respecting the principles of sustainability a responsible management of our water re-sources demands an approach focusing on river-basins. Bavaria already adopted a cross-border river basin man-agement policy long before implementation of the EU directives on water management (Water Framework Directive and Flood Risk Management Directive), and for decades transnational water management issues have been addressed jointly with neighbouring states. more


Catalonia fosters to involve land owners and users in the conservation and proper use of natural, cultural and landscape resources and values by means of voluntary agreements between landowners and land stewardship organizations. These aim to maintain and recover the natural environment and landscape. Land stewardship organizations are public or private entities that take an active part in preserving land and its values through land stewardship mechanisms. more

Sustainable Tourism

In the region of Jämtland Härjedalen tourism is for sure a primary industry and has been so for long. Tourism has a big impact on the society and a bigger importance for employment and growth than in most other regions in Sweden. Tourism in Jämtland Härjedalen is nature-based and the main reason to travel in winter is skiing, both alpine and cross-country, and in summer hiking, biking and fishing or just having a nice time in the mountains and forests. more

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Payment for Eco-System Services

People rely on the earth for welfare and survival. The goods and services provided by the natural environment are often called ecosystem services. For instance: natural pest control, water retention in the soil, buffer against flooding, nature for recreation, nature as a source of inspiration or education, etcetera. Another example is a drinking water supply company that can use groundwater because of the purifying capacity of a natural area. more

Experiences with the use of biogas

An environmental alliance with the title ‘Creating a network on the exchange of experiences regarding the chain from the production to the use of biogas and its promotion’ was formed at the 2012 ENCORE Conference with the aim of – as the title indicates – cooperate on how to promote biogas as an alternative to fossil fuels on regional, national and European level. more

Sustainable Energy and Sustainability

The Province of Drenthe (NL) is in transition. There is a growing realization that our current energy system is not future-proof. In addition, social relationships are changing, also in energy. Citizens, companies and institutions start to organize their energy management themselves. Residents buy solar panels collectively, farmers put panels on their barns and exchange power with their urban neighbours. more

Genuine Progress Indicator

Economic progress in a society is measured using Gross Domestic Production (GPD. When a car crash occurs, the GPD grows as car repair and healthcare are required. On the other hand environmental issues are not taken into account in GDP calculation. GPI (Genuine Progress indicator) is an attempt to measure real progress. more